Rigs Created

 The Original Russ Rig

#001 - The Low Rig

Similar to sitting in a sports car.
Comfy MX5 MK1 seat.
TV mounted straight to the wheel platform (oak counter top) the rig is solid.
Fitted with a Thrustmaster T3PA pedal set and T300RS Servo with Ferrari add on wheel (We don’t provide the steering wheels and pedals but can provide fitment around your requirements)
Sliding seat so good for almost any height ... even a 5 year old (future Lewis Hamilton).

#002 - The Office Pull Apart

The first pull apart rig.
Built for a home office using a BMW 3 series seat.
Counter top oiled and ready and base ready to prime and paint.

Get in contact we can lay a base coat for you at a low price.

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